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We have two new and exciting options for our private fertility patients!

Natural Cycle IVF $5000CAD

Natural Cycle IVF is a new and attractive option for IVF treatment because it eliminates the use of fertility medication to stimulate the ovaries. For this treatment, a naturally growing follicle is monitored and retrieved before it is ovulated. The quality of the egg is then checked and if it is of good quality, it is used for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) using fresh or frozen sperm sample. For patients selected for this treatment, the naturally growing egg has the best quality and most potential. 

Natural cycle IVF reduces the chance of complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Since the number of eggs are reduced, the procedure is much easier and faster than a normal egg retrieval. This procedure is also 1/3 the price of a normal IVF cycle and the additional costs of medication are also removed. Furthermore, the stress and discomfort of daily injections is eliminated, with natural cycle IVF we believe in using a single good quality embryo for a healthy baby without the high costs. 

The limitation to this procedure is that we may not be able to retrieve the egg or the egg may not be of good quality. We also will not have extra embryos for storage. However, since the ovulation of an egg is a naturally occurring process, the procedure may be completed multiple times. 

Guaranteed IVF $15,000CAD

We believe that we provide the best quality care in our facility and we guarantee this for you with our guaranteed IVF cycle. If there are no variables that we can not control and you are chosen for this option, we guarantee you a healthy baby or we will refund your money for the procedure. 

Our laboratory has one of the highest pregnancy rates in the world! and we are confident in the services that we provide. A normal IVF cycle is completed with the difference that if you do not have a healthy baby by the end, your money for the procedure is returned to you. 

Fertility medication is used to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple follicles. The patient is monitored and an egg retrieval is scheduled accordingly. Embryos are created in the lab using ICSI and cultured for 5 days. At this point the, a fresh transfer is completed and the remaining embryos are frozen for future tries. If a pregnancy and healthy baby is not achieved with the embryos, the patient is fully refunded the money for the procedure. With patients chosen for this category, we are confident that a healthy baby will be born.

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